Enjoy an hour immersed in the pure frequencies of crystal sound therapy with Alice Moore from Kyūshi.

Allow your body to rest, replenish and re-balance. The crystal tones alchemy bowls create an atmosphere for deep embodiment and the relaxing of  mind, body and spirit.

During a session you will be lying down and we suggest bringing along a blanket and pillows for your comfort.

You will enter a deep state of relaxation where you can experience the cellular healing qualities of the sonic vibrations. It is in this state your nervous system can truly relax.

Nothing is expected of you at this time. Simply come as you are and embrace your unique experience with an open mind and heart.

The class will open 10 minutes before the session starts to allow you time to create your space of comfort. We recommend bringing along water to ensure you leave the session hydrated.

Alice’s sound healing sessions will take place at West Acre Gallery on the following dates:

  • Saturday 31 July, 11.30am-12.30pm
  • Sunday 22 August, 12.30-1.30pm (as part of our Wellness Weekend)
  • Wednesday 3 November, 7-8pm
  • Saturday 13 November, 2.30-3.30pm (as part of our Wellness Weekend)
  • Wednesday 8 December, 7-8pm

£12 per person.

Any questions or concerns please contact:



Alice Moore is the founder of award-winning mindful skincare brand Kyūshi, and co founder of Kyūshi Wellness in Gayton.

Having spent the past 10 years as a hair and makeup artist in the film industry traveling all over the world, she has returned to her countryside roots here in Norfolk. During this time Alice came to understand the incredible benefits holistic therapies had to offer having used them herself to support a physically and mentally stressful lifestyle.

Going on to study in London and LA as a sound and breathwork facilitator, holistic facialist, reiki practitioner and facial reflexologist, she now offers a range of deeply restorative treatments in Norfolk and London.