Paula Hallam’s autumn exhibition ‘Far Horizons’ will feature a collection of paintings born out of a desire to use colour with landscape in a more abstract and gestural manner, to form more immediate and visceral works.

Memory, place and the weather are imbued together with expressive and sometimes abstract results.

“I wish to move the viewer with feeling and colour rather than enforce a world view or ideology,” she says. “During the last few years, Norfolk has become a vital part of my inspiration and practice. The far reaching skies and landscapes, uncluttered by human activity help me to feel connected to the land and enables me to create moments of wholeness in our increasingly cluttered lives.”

This exhibition was originally planned for 2020 but due to the pandemic, it has had a longer gestation period! Paula feels her work has had time to evolve and being rural at heart, her paintings have finally arrived in their natural home.


Paula is a painter, originally from Lincolnshire. The visual language she uses is deeply influenced by her youth, a love of dramatic landscapes and their sense of place.

Since Graduating from Coventry School of Art, travel has become an essential part of Paula’s practice, so she can spend time in many of Britain’s remote destinations to paint and draw in the open air.

Paintings often begin in the form of sketches made from pencil, crayon or paint. Back in the studio, she works mainly with acrylics, constructing complex layers of translucent colour to arrive at a desired destination.

Locations of special significance are Pembrokeshire, north Norfolk and Derbyshire.

Paula Hallam’s exhibition ‘Far Horizons’ runs from 10am-4pm daily, 1-7 November at West Acre Gallery.