Join us this summer solstice for ‘Wish, Dare, Inspire’, an exhibition featuring nature inspired wall art and ceramics by Sky Carver and Alan Nuttall.

Influenced by wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept that searches for beauty in imperfection, this showcase will feature wall art inspired by Sky’s love of the natural woods and meadows of Norfolk.

Alan’s ceramics will focus on Japanese tableware and raku sculptures, all having their roots deeply embedded in the wabi-sabi aesthetic.


Sky Carver is an accomplished artist in physical art forms as well as singing and acting. She started her journey as a scenic artist in London and has studied both performing arts and opera.

After many years of singing and performing, Sky is now studying for a master’s degree in operatic directing and writing. She is currently collaboratively writing two operas for children.

Originally from Wales, Sky spent many years living and working in London. She now lives in west Norfolk with her husband and two youngest children.


Alan Nuttall is the founder and owner of Hidden Moon Designs.

His passion for Japanese culture began when he was a teenager and studied Judo, a Japanese martial art, and has grown since then.

He has been working with clay for 11 years, and loves the fact that ceramics is a combination of alchemy and pyromania, especially raku – a Japanese practice of glazing earthenware.

Originally an accomplished abstract artist, Alan took these ideas into his ceramic work. Always looking for random, abstract and uniqueness in form and finish.

His current focus is on Japanese tableware (chawan, sake sets, rice and ramen bowls), but also one-off raku sculptures. His inspiration comes from the early raku masters, and he continues to strive to embrace the world of wabi-sabi.

The Wish, Dare, Inspire exhibition is open 11am-4pm, 16-22 June at West Acre Gallery.