Join us this summer solstice for an exciting exhibition featuring the eclectic works of three female artists. 

Nadia Sondh, Gray Jordan and Carolyn Ash will be celebrating midsummer with a 5-day showcase of paintings, prints, mosaics and mixed media.

We are three women with a deep and conscious connection to the energy of creating. We know that when people make art, dance and celebrate, what drives that activity is a manifestation of the rhythms that infuse the seasons and propel the natural world. Although we have four very different styles of making, we are all very aware of the role of energy and the creative force in our work, and seek to actively hold gratitude for the way our practice allows us to manifest it. For this reason we have chosen the summer solstice as a date that connects our practices, because we are linked by our reverence and appreciation for the energies, mystery and beauty of being.


​In juxtaposition to the detailed, precision work of Mehndi, Nadia’s bold abstract paintings give her the freedom of expression she often craves.

Nadia’s current creative phase is teaching her to be in the here and now, to trust her instincts, and to be conscious of her inner monologue; to make sure it is optimistic and kind. This is why she chooses to paint over all of her unfinished, unhappy and unloved paintings. The technique Nadia uses is fun, fast-paced and messy (and often whilst dancing like a loony to loud Spanish or Bollywood music!)​.

She likes to play around with a combination of materials and textures, which more often than not turn out to be henna, tea, coffee, different papers, glue, acrylic, emulsion, ink, gouache and gold leaf with a little help from a lot of water.


A beautiful nod to the natural world, eco artist Gray Jordan’s paintings address our impact on the Earth, using organic pigments gathered from soil, leaves, bark and berries.

Her artwork is delicately infused with an important message, exploring the relationship between people and place, while celebrating the stunning landscape of north Norfolk.

Gray believes strongly that art should be accessible, and she will be showing a range of work with smaller pieces available.


Carolyn has been working with mosaic as a medium for over 15 years. She makes one-off pieces of jewellery, light-reflectors, house and shop signs, wall art and sculptures using mosaic.

Everything she does is connected with making a new memory from something either broken, dis-used, or piecing together a new creation out of researched tesserae.

She visits schools and the community as an art facilitator to make memory panels, and she runs workshops at festivals, weddings, parties and special occasions.

The Cycles exhibition will take place 11am-5pm daily, 18-22 June, 2021, at West Acre Gallery.

There will be a preview at 6pm on Thursday 17 June. All welcome.