This August discover the Diversity: Small Ceramic Sculptures exhibition – a combination of old and new work by artist Sue Maufe.

Sue’s new work, which will be made in both Hungary and Norfolk this year, will be made developing new techniques and experimenting with stacking and building. The pieces will then be rearranged to change the aspect of the work.

There will be a figurative element running though Sue’s exhibition. Her sculptures are inspired by many things past and present. Some will be designed to be moved, interacted with, as is the natural order of the world. Nothing is permanent, light and shapes change. She wishes to convey both playfulness and sadness in this ever changing world.


Sue grew up in Derbyshire, which gave her a great love of the natural surroundings of the countryside. After obtaining her degree at Loughborough College of Art she was employed as head potter at Guernsey Pottery. She has worked as an art teacher in various colleges and schools, also working as an art educator at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

For the past 16 years she has been concentrating on her ceramic practice, having worked in Japan and Hungary in residential studios. She has exhibited in Japan, USA, Norway and the UK.

The Diversity: Small Ceramic Sculptures exhibition will be open 11am-4pm, 20-28 August, 2022, at West Acre Gallery.