Our 2024 exhibition season kicks of with ‘Alone Again, I’ – a new exhibition by artist Michelle Louise Carter.

Michelle Louise is a Heacham based artist who is affected by a serious neurological condition that affects almost every part of her body, including her eyesight. Living with reduced colour vision has proven challenging as an artist, however Michelle has learned to embrace her visual disability and while developing the final project proposal for her MA in Fine Art, she was encouraged to share her personal thoughts in an immersive and empowering way.

‘Alone Again, I’ is the research project born from the trials and tribulations of being classed as different, unusual, hindered and misunderstood. The mindset of visitors will no doubt be interrogated to varied degrees as they look, listen and become interwoven into the experience. Large scale paintings and mildly uneasy figurative sculptures are on display, to trigger thought and dissemination of one’s own and others’ challenges in life.

‘Alone Again, I’ will be open 10.30am-4.30pm from Saturday 30 March to Sunday 7 April, 2024, at West Acre Gallery.