Join us this June as we welcome back artist Susan Vaughan-Williams to West Acre Gallery with her latest exhibition ‘Fractured Force’.

This will be Sue’s third exhibition at West Acre Gallery, following her 2020 and 2021 exhibitions.

“My work is essentially shamanic – that is to say it comes from an inner space of concerns, thought, and imagination, but often includes elements of the natural, human or industrial landscape, absorbed through my sensory experiences, rather than observational studies.

The injustices and madness of the world drive me to paint as a way of understanding and framing perspective, and, in the process hopefully furnishing positivity. Using my fingers to apply and manipulate paint is a great way of turning frustration into colourful hope!

The work can constitute many layers of paint glaze and wax, then perhaps, removal and restraint to reveal or obscure a memory of something previous. Often an accident or element of chance takes the painting down a different route. When the composition, theme, mood, balance of colour, line and form are all settled, it is done.

My artistic intention is for a visual conversation and interpretation between the work and the viewer. With oil paint as my preferred medium, I aim to create strong pieces that have complexity and depth or powerful simplicity, revealing themselves not all at once, but over time. I tend to march right up to the border between figuration and abstraction, often moving between or combining the two.”

‘Fractured Force’ will be open 10.30am to 4.30pm daily from 15 to 22 June, 2024.