We are delighted to welcome back artist Sue Vaughan-Williams to West Acre Gallery this year, with her latest exhibition: Altered Horizons – Which Way From Here? 

This follows her successful 2020 exhibition: ‘Earth and Mind – A Different View’.

“I’m so pleased to be returning to West Acre Gallery this summer”, she says. “The last year and a bit has tested and pulled us all every which way. We have been marked in large or small ways by the beast named Covid. Loss, grief, and time to really think about how we are and where we are, has given and taken. For me to make sense of the mixed emotions, I have painted my thoughts and my hopes of a better future rising.”

Sue’s new body of work looks at a landscape quietened by less activity, at nature going about its business, and the roller coaster of worlds and minds in freefall. “With a large dollop of colour and hope for the starting block of an improved world”, adds Sue.

Painting mainly in oil on large canvases, Sue’s view is an abstracted one. She creates strong pieces that have complexity, not revealing themselves fully all at once.

“A port between viewer and painting that shifts and changes, as thoughts and responses rise and sink back into the work.”

After St Martins School of Art and a specialist course in visual merchandising, Sue spent several years as Display and Exhibition Designer with Dior. Switching direction completely, she then worked in the third sector for organisations supporting disability and life altering conditions, intertwined with establishing the family interiors studio and online gallery. For the last few years Sue has been a full-time painter.

Sue Vaughan-Williams’ exhibition will take place 10.30am to 4.30pm, 14-21 August, 2021, at West Acre Gallery.

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