Sue Vaughan-Williams: ‘Earth and Mind – A Different View’

The stunning work of Norfolk artist Sue Vaughan-Williams is coming to West Acre Gallery this autumn.

“I work predominantly in oil on large canvas, liking the strength and depth of the paint, with its very solid sensation of permanence,” says Sue. “Often working with my hands, I feel my way right into the subject with both emotional and physical boldness.”

Brought up in Sussex, living presently in north-west Norfolk: with a connecting heart to the desert and colour of North Africa, and a coming of age through Amsterdam, Sue has painted and written all her life, but until recently quietly and for herself. Her paintings speak whatever language the viewer is open to hearing. Hopefully saying something new, something different, to each individual.

After St Martins School of Art and a specialist course in visual merchandising, Sue spent several years as Display and Exhibition Designer with a French perfume house. Switching direction completely, she then worked in the third sector, concentrating on change management and governance for organisations supporting disability and life altering conditions. Her design roots never left, so she combined her new professional career with kick starting the family interiors studio, building an online gallery, and a boutique B&B.

“My work comes from an inner space of imaginations and thought, with elements from the natural and man-made landscapes above and beneath me,” she says. “A painting will go through many stages of being worked and re-worked, with layers being scratched and scraped back to reveal remnants of the earlier process, and elements added and removed until the composition and balance of colour, line and form is resolved.”

Sue Vaughan-Williams’ exhibition will take place 10.30am to 4.30pm, 24-30 October, 2020, at West Acre Gallery.

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