30×30 EXHIBITION, 10-18 OCTOBER, 2020

The concept of this exhibition is taken from the annual 30×30 exhibition that has been held at Galleri VOX in Bergen, Norway, every year since 2009.

Norfolk artists Sue Maufe and Caroline Denyer have invited artists to submit up to three pieces of work for this new exhibition at West Acre Gallery.

The idea is that all the work, framed or unframed, in any medium, must have an outside measurement of 30x30cm. That’s the ‘brief’!

Now, more than 50 UK and international artists will come together to exhibit their unique work, all of which will have these specific dimensions.

Participating artists:

Sue Maufe
Shirley Sheppard
Jane Espiq
Scott Forster
Imi Maufe
Jilly Morris
Sauna Kajermo
David Davis
Norman Richardson
Anne Restorick
Veda Adams
Clare Beaton
Jane Robins
Jules Allen
Corinne Campbell
Gina Hall
Julia Rogerson
Penny Tausigg
Annie Maastrand
Sarah Cannell
Caroline Denyer
Annie Sturgeon
Nigel Orme
Maddy Pikarsky
Jane Ironside
Geoffrey LeFever
Jane Mackintosh
Carmina McConnell
Jenny Sturgeon
Frode Roynesdal
Gayle Evans
Kathy Henderson
Ailsa Mc Colville
Gillian Mackinnon
Maria Clough
Pete Clough
Ellis Kirby
Belynda Sharples
Fiona Coulthard
Nicky Stainton
Lorna Gray
Helen rengert
Linda C
Polly Binns
Janine Oxley
Rhona Fleming
Kate Farley
Gay Phillippo
Sue Day
Fran Bugg
Rod Bugg
David Summers
Philip Hastead
Hatty Halstead

The 30×30 exhibition will take place 10.30am-4pm, 10-18 October, 2020 at West Acre Gallery.