Join artist Abbey Stirling on a journey through the seven days of creation as she presents an exhibition of paintings and illustrations this August at West Acre Gallery.

‘New Earth: The Seventh Day of Creation’ is an immersive experience navigating transformational times. It explores our divine connection to nature and the cosmos via the book of Genesis’ creation story. A cosmogonic story that takes us from the Earth’s conception over six days through to the seventh, the Sabbath, a period of peace and prosperity, or to some: the ‘New Earth’.

The creation of light and dark, sun and moon, land and sea are depicted, as are various sentient species and their innate bond with humans. We are invited to examine how everything is connected, to consider the ongoing evolution of human consciousness, and probe: where to next?

This exhibition aims to present our pivotal era in a positive light. Of a profound transformation in our evolution, as we restore paradise on the planet and give rise to unity consciousness, bringing balance between all Earth’s creatures as we step into a new way of being.

“I’m so excited to share this new body of work that celebrates our connection to the natural world in this dawning of a new age,” says Abbey. “It’s been a moving and magical experience manifesting this collection. I hope these visuals resonate with viewers and imprint what is possible for our planet so we can consciously co-create a harmonious future for humankind.”

Abbey is the founder of West Acre Gallery and the owner of Ilka Illustrations homeware brand. This exhibition will include her illustrated homewares in the gift shop, and paintings inspired by expressionism, street art and abstract realism. This will be Abbey’s last official engagement at West Acre Gallery before stepping down in September.

‘NEW EARTH: The Seventh Day of Creation’ will be open 11am-4pm, Saturdays & Sundays only, from 17 August to 8 September, 2024.