Natural Lines 2020 features 2D and 3D works in a range of disciplines by seven north Norfolk artists producing wood fired ceramics, sculpture in bronze and wood, as well as paintings in oils and watercolour, and vibrant textiles.

Five have already shown together as a group to a very positive reception. They are keen to share the experience more broadly. The addition of quilt textile pieces chimes beautifully with the other artists.

The shared vision is evident in materials, patterns and chosen subjects. Each piece connects with natural forms and follows structure through a linear transformational journey. An initial clay build is changed through ancient wood fire techniques to emerge as elementally dynamic pots and vessels. Wood is selected for inherent qualities, which are explored and amplified to create unique expressions. Oil paintings follow the contours of landscape and surface texture. Larger than life watercolour shells magnify curves handled with sure brush strokes and delicate hues. Bronze sculptures celebrate the intricate twists and turns of dead plant material. Cloth is pieced and sewn, building a powerful cultural dynamic.

The artists acknowledge the power of random effect on their work – the ‘beautiful accidents’ the unpredictability of emerging markings and inspiration from found objects on beaches, in the garden and down lanes.

Elaine Banham

Art Foundation at St Lawrence College of Art (1973), Art History at University of Guelph (1979), Canada. From early ’80s worked in the creative industries in London. From 2013, painting in oils, inspired by north Norfolk and exhibiting regularly in the region.

James Crisp

From the 1990s worked in wide range of woodworking roles from bespoke cabinetmaking to timber framing. Currently producing wood sculpture and guitars.

Sarah and Stephen Coomber as ‘Norfolk Makrs’

Graduated Kingston University, BA Fashion and Textiles, 1977/1981.1978 – 2003 men’s, women’s and home clothing and textile designer in US, Japan and UK. 2004 – present, moved to Norfolk and created own textile and creative design studio. Still working within the fashion business, but developing additional private commissions for patchwork and constructed textiles.

Alison Henry

Creative training includes a Higher Education Diploma in Drawing and Applied Arts, 2011, University of the West of England, but largely self-taught in sculpture. Alison works chiefly in clay, exploring elements and structures of everyday objects and creatures in the natural world. Pieces are either fired or cast in bronze or cold composite such as resin.

Don Seed

Art Foundation at Harrogate School of Art 1972, Degree in Graphic Design at Canterbury College of Art (now UCA) 1975. From late 1970s established freelance design business Seed Art working in advertising and film in varied roles – art director, storyboard artist and visualiser. Since 2013, moved to north Norfolk and is developing large watercolours of shells.

Kate Vogler

Degree course in Fine Art, Sculpture Norwich School of Art (now NUA) 1979. Post Graduate course in art education 1981. Teaching sculpture and ceramics in Norwich comprehensive schools, adult education centres, primary and special needs schools. In recent years Kate is developing her studio work and selling through galleries. She exhibits regularly and continues to teach sculpture and pottery to students of all ages.

The Natural Lines 2020 exhibition will take place 11am-5pm, 6-12 July, 2020, at West Acre Gallery.