“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein

Welcome to The Imagination Station: a haven for little artists to unleash their creativity in a safe and nurturing space.

Each week, for two hours, pre-school and home educated children of all ages are invited to come together to engage in arts, crafts, dance, music, movement, mess and magic!

They will be encouraged to explore new universes, make new friends, connect, reflect and inspire. All within the majestic beauty of our restored flint barn and the 12th-century ruins on its doorstep.

Led by Abbey Stirling – a local artist and home schooling mum who believes that development of the imagination is integral to learning – this class will celebrate the artist in every child in an unhurried and intimate environment.

Abbey will be joined by guest tutors and art facilitators to provide multi-sensory experiences to enrich children’s development, with a different theme every week.

Together we hope that our budding Picasso’s will leave with a strong sense of self, feeling connected by creativity to their common humanity, so that they blossom into free-thinking adults with vitality.

The year will culminate with an exhibition, whereby all of the children will be invited to showcase their creations at West Acre Gallery.

  • Classes will now commence in 2021. Dates and times to be confirmed on the West Acre Gallery website
  • Parents welcome
  • Please bring a packed lunch if you wish.