This summer we are delighted to host a 12-day residency by acclaimed artist Zelda Eady. Six Impossible Ideas before Breakfast – A Creative Odyssey through Lockdown will feature a collection of Zelda’s mixed media paintings and printed works, including linocut and solar plate etching.

Through her mixed media paintings Zelda explores form and colour at the boundary of abstraction and representation to create works that may trigger an internal music for the viewer, a form of synaesthesia.

“It is important to me that when people engage with my pictures they are able to see different things each time. I often employ fragments of sheet music to emphasize the relationship between the senses in my work.

“I enjoy the physicality of the printmaking process and exploring the variety of marks that can be made with a few simple tools. This has enabled me to develop my own unique visual language to capture the spirit of the Norfolk countryside.”

An initial hiatus during lockdown in 2020-21 provided a unique interlude. Free from the demands of ‘real’ life and the usual round of exhibitions, she was able explore a variety of ideas and use different ways of working. This exhibition is a culmination of Zelda’s practice during this singular period and includes original prints created using both traditional and contemporary techniques together with a variety of mixed -media paintings.

“I found inspiration in the landscape close to my Norfolk home, in the written word and also programmes on the radio.”


Following maternity leave, after a successful career as a scientist, Zelda decided to pursue her passion for visual art.

A regular participant in Norfolk Open Studios, her work has also been selected for exhibition in the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers ‘Masters Relief’ show and in the Holt Festival Art prize.

“As a printmaker, I enjoy pushing the printmaking process beyond what is usually done, often using several processes together to create unique pieces of art as well as small limited editions.

“My linoprints are largely inspired by the Norfolk landscape and are linked to my painting practice through the variety of mark making that can be achieved when creating a design.”

Six Impossible Ideas before Breakfast – A Creative Odyssey through Lockdown by Zelda Eady.

Opening hours: 11am-4pm, Tuesdays to Sundays between 8-18 June, 2023.